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Teresa Garmendia, Realtor

In any profession, there is not a greater satisfaction than knowing that you are changing a human being’s life. That feeling of been useful and the passion for the industry is what motivated me to become a realtor. 2 years ago when I bought my first house there were other prospective buyers in the model home who witnessed that i had qualified and reserved my new construction home. However, i sadly became aware that some of those prospective buyers were not qualified to get a house as they approached me asking how i did it. Then i learned that there is a need for someone like me in this industry to take the necessary steps to make people’s dream become true. Finding solutions through research, knowledge and perseverance is what sets me apart from others.

The 8 years of accounting experience in the commercial property management and oil service industries have not only allowed me to acquire strong analytical and attention to detail skills, but also be adaptable to changes that the profession may require. Therefore, no matter what your situation may be, once you are ready to make the decision to buy, sell, rent or just invest in real estate do not hesitate to contact me. Your dream is just a step away from becoming a reality. Let me be part of that reality.



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